10 Tips to help you choose the best display stand for you next trade show

best display stand

As an exhibitor, you only have three to four seconds at a trade show to communicate to the visitor who you are, what you do and what’s in it for them. It’s within this very short span of time that they make the decision to stop and learn more about your product or service or move on.

For this reason, it’s extremely vital for your business to have the best display stand possible at whatever trade show, conference or other event you choose to attend. With an abundance of display options available, you need to take several key factors into consideration in order to choose the right display for your business.

Here are ten factors to consider to help you choose the best display stand for your next trade show.

1. Graphics

This is what’s going to grab the attention of passersby. Chances are you already have brand materials such as logos, fonts, backgrounds and imagery. Once you’ve committed to a exhibition provider, they will provide you with design templates that your graphic designer can utilise. If you don’t have a professional designer on board, graphic design services can be provided for you at affordable rates by your display provider.

The rule of thumb with design is that graphic space should be 40% empty. What your message does not say is just as important as what it does say. Provide enough visual impact to capture the eye, then present the most important facts for the immediate audience and, finally, provide a clear path for more information.

It is important to repeat your branding, as repetition is the best teacher. If something can be seen by the public, make sure your logo is on it. If your tagline is concise and easy to read, include your tagline too.

2. Modularity

Modular exhibit systems are engineered with flexibility in mind: they can be easily taken apart and reassembled into different shapes. This is very important for longevity and cost effectiveness, especially if you intend on exhibiting in varying booth spaces. The more modular the stand the more you can customise it to specifically fit the needs of your business.

Today’s modular exhibit systems give nothing up on design. They are sleek, modern systems that create an impressive brand presence. The other advantage of modular displays as opposed to custom displays is that the hardware can be rented. This allows for more flexibility as you can scale up or down depending on your booth size and layout.

3. Portability

Portable Display Stands have unrivalled flexibility and the options are endless. When tossing up between portable, modular or custom displays, it’s really important to look at your event schedule, budget and resources. Are you exhibiting all over the country or even internationally? If so custom and modular displays will be costly to ship and you might need to bring in the professionals to install and dismantle the stand. On the other hand, portable displays can often be taken as luggage (or even carry on) and set up and dismantled by your team. So if your event schedule is going to take you far and wide and budget is a big concern then portable displays are the best displays for you.

4. Durability/Longevity

It’s no secret, there are plenty of cheap display options available online. Though the products may look similar online to a Skyline Envision solution, they’re not. All of our products have hardware that performs well for years and graphics that are of the highest quality printed right here in Brisbane. Each display allows for the fabric or digital panels to be exchanged as your messaging changes whilst still using the original hardware. This reduces costs in the long run and still ensures you are looking your best at each show. So consider durability when you are shopping for the best display stand.

5. DIY or Turnkey Set-up

Many portable display solutions are simple to set up and are tool-less. On top of that, an experienced exhibition specialist should be able to offer display training and instruction so you can have confidence you won’t have any issues setting up on the show day.

A DIY set up isn’t for everyone though and for this reason you might want to choose a full turnkey experience. Whether you have a 3 metre portable pop-up display or a large custom modular display system, our team can set up your display booth for your show. Our Service technicians are experts at working with show labour, show management and your marketing team.

With our experts setting-up and pulling down your display, you can focus on what you do best at your events; generating leads, making sales, educating and informing your audience and your other key objectives. So in choosing the best display for you, consider whether you want a DIY solution or a turnkey set-up as this will also influence the exhibition display you choose.

6. Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is more than just the cost of your display. You need to consider the cost of updating your graphics, shipping, installation and dismantle (if required). You also need to assess whether that one solution is going to the right one for various events or if you need a modular solution that you can add to or reduce, depending on the size and layout of your booth. Likewise, you need to determine whether you want to purchase the display stand or rent it. If exhibiting at multiple events per year, purchasing is typically more cost effective.

Where you need a solution for multiple events or even a key show, then make your decisions in the context of the importance of that event and your overall expenditure for being there. It is a mistake to spend thousands on your booth space, travel, accommodation, promotions and entertainment and then “go cheap” for the one thing you need to draw the attention of attendees. Your booth is equivalent to your “head office” and if you have failed to represent yourself well than you have wasted your investment and not chosen a cost effective display solution. The investment in the best display solution for your business is likely to give you a better return on investment than a generic cheap online solution that doesn’t meet your needs.

7. Hanging Structures or Displays with Height

The best display for you might include a hanging or rigged structure. These structures work well to get you noticed from a distance in a busy exhibition hall. The structures themselves are not overly costly but the cost of the professional rigging may be prohibitive for many businesses. Unfortunately this is a cost you will have to pay time and time again as DIY is not an option. Ceiling height can also influence whether or not these structures are appropriate as well so you will need to do your research leading up to the event.

8. Furniture and Flow of Traffic

Furniture is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing the best display stand for your business because it greatly influences your flow of traffic at the exhibition event. You need to think about the length of the conversations you want to have and choose the appropriate seating and tables to match. For example, a bar stool and table will usually only be comfortable for a 5 minute conversation, where as a seat with a back will allow for longer conversations. It all depends on how quickly you want to move people in and out of your booth. Similarly, if you stuff your booth full of furniture than this will greatly impact the openness of your booth and your traffic flow. The best display option will have open space where attendees can walk freely, browse and engage.

9. Lighting

When finding the best display for your business, it’s really important to consider the impact of lighting.
Lighting can be used to highlight and emphasise your messaging. Display stands with great lighting are able to stand out from the competition, particularly in crowded event venues. Spot lighting is a popular and cost effective solution and LED lighting is being integrated into many display stands of late. LED backlit displays are also becoming increasingly popular as they really make your graphics “pop”. LED shelves and counters are also popular options which have powerful impacts. If your budget permits, go beyond spot lighting to really highlight your messaging.

10. Technology

With only a limited time to draw attention to your display booth, interactive technology can work to entice attendees. Computer monitors, tablets and flat screen monitors are the most popular methods of engagement. You can use monitors to play videos or slideshows that tell the attendee about you and your services. Touchscreen monitors can be a great way to integrate interactivity in to your booth and a perfect way to manage leads. Rather than physical lead forms, get the attendee to fill in their details on iPad to enter a draw. Implementing monitors and touchscreens is an easy, affordable way to add interest and attract attention to your display stand.

If you are planning to attend a trade show, then it’s important to give ample thought and consideration to how you will command attention and your choice of display stand plays a huge role in this.

Furthermore, there is no one size fits all for exhibition displays. Each company has unique requirements which influence the display that is right for them. By taking these factors into consideration, you will be able to determine the boxes your display needs to tick in order to be a cost effective, attention grabbing solution that will yield you results.

You only have 3-4 seconds to communicate your message and get the attendee to do a double take. By partnering with an experienced exhibition specialist you can rest easy knowing that your display solution will do just that.

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