3 Best Conversation Starters to Get Attendees Talking in Your Trade Show Booth

Conversation Starters to Get Attendees Talking in Your Trade Show Booth

Article written by Scott Price of Skyline New Jersey.

The hardest part of exhibiting with trade show displays is getting people to come into your booth. No matter how great your product is; if no one sees it all of your efforts go to waste. The first step is to have a great display. TSNN suggests hosting presentations, product demonstrations, and finding ways to entertain attendees. But what if you don’t have a crazy eye-catching display or demo? What if your budget doesn’t allow for extras? How will you get people to stop and come inside?

You do not need pushy sales reps trying to draw in customers

Getting people in your booth is as easy as starting a casual conversation. The key to attracting attendees effectively is to keep the interest on the potential customer, not your company or staff. It’s all about keeping it simple and making the conversation about them, then listening to their points and having the knowledge to back up your replies.

But as everyone knows, starting up a conversation with a total stranger can be incredibly difficult. Everyone is busy, wanting to pack as much into their trade show visit as possible. Many just want to be left alone until they’re ready to ask the questions. However, by making them feel like you just want to get to know them, you can win their attention and prevent scaring them away. This can be best achieved with a few key questions, which can be posed by any members of your staff or by you if you’re the only person manning your booth.

Starter questions can begin those important conversations

Each of these three starter questions provokes a different thought process. You can use them to customise the attendee’s experience. Focus not only on the answers, but also body language and eye contact. By paying close attention to all these aspects, you can help to steer the conversation and make a customer want to come inside and feel comfortable. You also won’t make them feel like you’re pushing them to do something they don’t want to do.

1. “What are you looking for at the show?”

Find out what this specific customer is looking for today. Every show attendee’s goals are likely to be different, and you need to know what this specific group of attendees is focusing on.

2. “Have you heard of us before?”

While knowing you have product recognition is important, so is the opportunity to gain new customers. It is also important to use shows as a way to change opinions and to gain credibility for your company and product. Attendees will talk to one another, and having your company name and product associated with a positive experience will encourage others to come visit your booth as well.

3. “What’s your biggest challenge?”

Use this as an opportunity to cater to the needs of your customers and show product flexibility. By phrasing this question properly, you can ensure a productive conversation that leads to solutions or a product conveniently located inside your booth.

About the Author:

Scott Price is the President of Skyline New Jersey and works with clients to design unique trade show booths made by Skyline.

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