Reskin your existing displays and stretch your marketing budget further

When was the last time you look into cupboard or that room in your office where all your marketing collateral is stored for future use?

So many times we talk to clients who are unaware of a display purchase in years gone by and after a search of their premises come across the display in question stored safely away and in full working order!

Or maybe you are already aware of old displays stored away gathering dust. Did you know that the majority of displays systems including banner stands and pop-up displays can be graphically updated or reskinned?

Reskinning your existing display solutions will refresh your look and give your old display a new lease on life. And most importantly help you stretch out your marketing budget for the second half of the year. Skyline can help you achieve both these things even if the display in question was not originally purchased from us.

Find out how Skyline can help you give your old display a new lease on life. 

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