Why Skyline is your ideal Partner

Skyline is a talented group of professionals, designers, project managers, producers and installers who are here to create tailored exhibitions, events, conferences and retail for you internationally.

Our Services

Skyline Displays Australia was established in Brisbane in 1984, making us one of the most experienced exhibition display companies in the country and over 130 offices in 30+ countries around the globe. This provides unlimited access to worldwide resources, local help and support, wherever you are or need to be.
At Skyline, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional display and exhibit solutions to our clients needing to build relationships in large format, three-dimensional environments such as exhibitions, trade shows and/or conferences. From portable banner stands and pop-ups through to large-scale custom modular exhibits, our aim is to assist you to stand out in the crowd and effectively communicate your unique and individual marketing message.
We embrace a partnership approach, embodying enthusiasm, openness, and honesty. While demonstrating proactivity, commitment, and safety as key actions in delivering a satisfying and uplifting service to our clients.

Mission and Vision

At Skyline, we aim to create memorable and impactful experiences that inspire, educate, and engage audiences through innovative exhibitions.
Guided by our strong passion for showcasing the extraordinary, our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations by providing exceptional service, collaborating closely to understand the vision and needs, and delivering high-quality exhibitions that exceed industry standards.
With a strong emphasis on innovation and emerging trends, we strive to push the boundaries of exhibition design and technology. By embracing cutting-edge techniques, interactive installations and immersive environments, we strive to captivate visitors and leave them with a lasting experience and a thirst for exploration.
We envision a future where our exhibitions catalyse cultural exchange, intellectual growth, and meaningful experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.
We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices and aim to minimize our environmental footprint while supporting local communities.

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