5 Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows

Lead Capture Apps

For many exhibitors, mobile apps are rapidly replacing rented badge scanners as the preferred means of capturing leads on the trade show floor. These lead capture apps put customer data instantly in your hands, rather than having to wait to have information routed to you days later. The ability to reply to leads quickly and to automatically integrate the information with your CRM makes these apps an efficient option for busy trade show managers.

10 Tips to help you choose the best display stand for you next trade show

best display stand

As an exhibitor, you only have three to four seconds at a trade show to communicate to the visitor who you are, what you do and what’s in it for them. It’s within this very short span of time that they make the decision to stop and learn more about your product or service or move on. Here are ten factors to consider to help you choose the best display stand for your next trade show.

Powerful statistics on the value of trade shows

Powerful statistics on the value of trade shows

The powerful statistics provided below focus on the USA trade show market and all points may not be valid for Australian exhibitors.

Over the years the Skyline Envision team have recognised a strong parallel to USA statistics to those that come available for the Australian exhibition and trade show market so we believe this article is definitely worth the read:

Tips & Tricks for first time exhibitor

Tips & Tricks for first time exhibitor

Skyline has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources that we are eager to share with first time exhibitors. From figuring out how to communicate your company’s message effectively to choosing the right seating arrangement, we have lots of tips and tricks to make your first time exhibiting a success. Let’s get started!

Post Show Tips : Follow up and Engage

Post Show Tips

We all know the importance of networking at a trade show event. The process of creating some quality relationships at on the expo floor may seem like a tedious task. But isn’t that one of the top reasons for attending a trade show? Here are some of the post show tips that will help you become a winner at your next face-to-face event.

5 types of people you’ll meet at an exhibition or trade fair

5 types of people you’ll meet at an exhibition

For event marketers, working a booth has one main goal: gather leads.

Gathering a list of prospective buyers makes a day at a show worth it. During your hours working a show, you’ll meet hundreds — perhaps thousands — of people, all who have differing levels of interest in your product or service. Whether you’re attending your first show or your fiftieth, you’ll meet lots of interesting people.

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