Ken Cunz

Ken founded Skyline Displays Australia in 1984 after relocating from his hometown of Pasadena, California. In 2021, after 37 years of service, Ken retired from Skyline’s day-to-day operations. Whilst he continues to be involved in the business, this marks a period of significant change for Skyline and for Ken. He is most proud of the relationships that he’s built with the 157 team members (past and current) and our many valued clients over the years. While Ken isn’t in the office much these days, his friendly jokes, huge smile, and excellent cooking are surely welcome when he does pop in

Jon Cunz
General Manager

Jon has been involved with Skyline since 2006 in many different positions from Service Technician, Project Coordinator, Operations Manager and now the General Manager. Jon deeply understands all areas of Skyline’s operations and approaches any situation with a level head and a positive attitude. Jon ensures that Skyline is a fun and a supportive place to work and is always open to some friendly competition.

Kate Slesarewich
Accounts / Office Manager

Having departed Skyline in 2015, Kate returned in 2022 for some new challenges under the Accounts and Office Manager Role. Kate has a wealth of experience and is a quiet leader with an incredible eye for detail and is often seen with a yogurt and berries bowl at her desk. She radiates kindness and positivity and is a fantastic addition to the Skyline Team.

Anusha Suvarna
Marketing Officer

Anusha joined the Skyline team in 2022 with a passion for business and marketing. Having recently completed her master’s in business at Griffith University, she’s been extremely quick to begin plying her trade. Along with Anusha’s qualifications, she brings endless enthusiasm and positivity to her role and the Skyline Team!

Dave Norman
Team Leader, Business and Project Development

Dave joined the team in 2010 after being a loyal Skyline customer while working in various Queensland Government roles. Dave is passionate about building and maintaining lasting client relationships, which is evidenced by the amount of repeat business and glowing feedback he receives. Dave ensures that clients’ voices are heard, recognised, and remembered. Dave keeps us all on our toes with his quick wit and banter but is always there to lend a helping hand.

Kris Cunz
Business and Project Development Manager

Kris was a welcome addition to the Skyline Business and Project Development team in 2021 after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University. He has prior experience in Service, Marketing and Sales with Skyline dating back to the early 2000s. Kris is a skilled communicator and is passionate about building and nurturing client relationships and data analysis and interpretation. Kris is a friendly and approachable member of the team, always finding a way to make us laugh with his dad jokes.

Liam Downey
Business and Project Development Manager

Liam joined the Skyline team in 2019 as a recent high school graduate, willing and eager to learn the ropes. He quickly became skilled in Production and Graphic Design and has demonstrated his ability to work well under pressure. Now, Liam has transitioned into Business and Project Development Manager, bringing diverse skills to the table and an eagerness to deliver optimum results for our clients. His hardworking attitude and easy-going nature make him a valued member of the Skyline Team. In his leisure hours, he enjoys fixing cars and playing soccer.

Dylan Reid
Business and Project Development Manager

Dylan joined us in 2024, drawing upon a wealth of experience in High-end retail and as a qualified interior designer. He has a keen eye for detail, a knack for fostering meaningful connections, and an understanding of spaces. His organised and efficient approach helps projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Connor Downey
Project Co-ordinator

Connor joined Skyline in 2016 and has since proven to be a dedicated member of the Service team. He is fully immersed in every facet of each project he undertakes. His experience, creativity, attention to detail and leadership ability make him an integral part of the Skyline team. He is always up for a change and always striving to go the extra mile for his colleagues and clients.

Carl Choo
Senior Service Technician

Carl joined the Skyline team in 2010. With a wealth of front-line experience within the exhibition industry, Carl is the go-to man for all of Skyline’s servicing requirements. He is responsible for our clients’ local and national display set-up and dismantles, as well as managing our warehouse requirements.

Jesse Steer
Design and Production

Having recently completed his Graphic Design Diploma, Jesse joined the Skyline Team in 2022 eager to begin his creative journey. Having worked in events prior to joining Skyline, Jesse is a perfect fit to join our Design & Production team.

George Goldsmid
Graphic Design and Production Assistant

Having completed his advanced certification in design, George joined the skyline team in 2018 and has been an integral part of our team. He is passionate about creativity and bringing concepts to life with stunning visuals that captivate and engage. From coordinating logistics to managing timelines, George makes sure everything runs seamlessly.

Adrian Waterson
Service Technician

Adrian joined the Skyline team in 2023 with a passion in the exhibition industry. He also has a bachelor’s degree in film and television production. Adrian is a valuable team member and is actively contributing in multifaceted ways to ensure collective goals are not only met but exceeded. During lunch, he is frequently spotted engrossed in books.

Gleem Geroche
Service Technician

With years of experience in events, Gleem joined the Skyline team in 2023 with a toolbox full of skills and a keen eye for detail. Gleem plays a crucial part in organizing nationwide installation and dismantling of exhibition stands while also attending to the requirements of warehouses and showrooms.

Jeriah Lamb
Service Technician

Jeriah is the karaoke virtuoso of our team!

Having left in 2021 due to the impacts of COVID-19, Jeriah made a comeback in 2023. Jeriah manages projects with the utmost care to ensure they run smoothly and deliver as they should. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in coordinating national installation and dismantling processes and addressing warehouse and showroom needs.

Nathan Cain
Integration Officer

Having left Skyline in 2021, Nathan has returned in a new role assisting us with our system integrations. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, he is an integral part of the Skyline team. When he is not engrossed in his work, you might catch him sharing a laugh with the team, enjoying a well-deserved coffee break, or having a never-ending chocolate bar.

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